Financial Management

Infinity Support Services provides the necessary experience to capture every detail during the budgeting and execution process.  Fluctuating fiscal constraints in the Department of Defense (DoD) require program offices to be more sophisticated in their financial management approach. The Program Objectives Memorandum (POM) process places a high demand upon personnel while increasing scrutiny over program cost estimations and subsequent annual execution plans demand funds are allocated effectively. Infinity understands mission success ultimately relies upon the ability to accurately plan and execute funding in order to secure the most effective services at the greatest value.

Our Experience

Product Manager (PdM) Tank Systems, Information Related Capabilities (IRC), Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC)

  • Investment Analysis Support
  • Budget Control Maintenance
  • Performance and Financial Records Tracking
  • Budget and Financial Process Implementation
  • Program Cost Management

Department of Transportation (DOT) National Highway Travel Safety Administration (NHTSA)

  • Accounting Services
  • Budget Analysis
  • Agency Budget Submission
  • Independent Cost Analysis Development
  • Proposal Technical and Cost Evaluation
  • Quote Evaluation Plan
  • Offer and Quote Pricing Evaluation
  • Invoice Tracking, Review, and Processing
  • Working Capital Fund (WCF) Budget Preparation
  • Interagency Budget Submission Preparation
  • Monthly Budget Execution Report Preparation
  • Pricing and Quote Analysis
  • Procurement Documentation Development
  • Interagency Agreement Reconciliation
  • Budget Execution Reports
  • Salary Execution Reports
  • Purchase Request Submissions
  • Sufficient Funds Certification of Availability
  • Financial Related Document Creation

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